Smart Rings Taking a Step Further in Smart Technology

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Is jewellery the next category in smart technology?

Integration and automation have become the driving force in technology. The goal is to discover a more accessible portal for everyday activities to connect users together.  For example, Apple launched its Apple Pay system in 2014, where credit cards and other payment methods are all synchronized into an accessible location, such as the iPhone or Apple Watch. However, the company Tokenize has taken a further step and launched the first ever smart ring, coined as the Token Ring.

Token Ring boasts access to card payment systems, home and computer security, car ignition, and transit cards. With a scan of the ring, homes can be unlocked and goods can be purchased. This wearable lock is revolutionizing everyday items and activities.

The company itself prioritizes security with all its executive officers supporting a diverse background in advanced cryptography. The design follows a tap system similar to chips used by MasterCard and Visa. To ensure correct identification, users are to scan their fingerprints for initial access.  The ring then needs to be unlocked by a series of gestures. The ring comes complete with its relative smartphone app and charging unit. Updates will be handled by the mobile app. Also with the mobile app, multiple credit cards can be shuffled for use. The ring is waterproof up to 50 meters, and has a battery-life of 2 weeks.

Questions have to be addressed with respect to memory and its Bluetooth capability. For such a new technology, security is of significant concern and can be a big hurdle especially with the Token ring being a pioneer in the field.

Tokenize’s engineering team has reported to work with iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE readers for company security implantation. Though Token Lock is the only compatible system, the company is working on supporting other smart locks. [1]

Tokenize is not the first company to implement smart rings for consumer use. The Helios Smart Ring is currently in development to track Vitamin D and other health benefits for users. [2] The Motiv smart ring is a fitness ring that is compatible with the iPhone. [3] Other rings exist to monitor location and other user activity tracking. The smart rings are an easier way to access information especially by skipping the step of inputting a password. This new technology will likely appear more often in the market as smart products will extend to different types of industries. Financial Services, Retail, Health and Wellness are logical industry verticals for Token to make an immediate impact.

Authors and Contributors: Sankar Krishnan, EVP Capital Markets and Banking, Capgemini & Ramsha Pervez, Software Associate, Capgemini

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