Calling all cloud professionals: Learn about cloud migration at Capgemini

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Cloud Migration Academy is a highly interactive program designed to help our cloud professionals within pre-sale, sales, and architect positions develop new methods to detect client needs and respond accordingly.

As many organizations move their applications (and even businesses) to the cloud, it is crucial to have the right expertise to assist in this transformation journey. Along with a clear understanding of cloud technologies, it is also important that cloud professionals understand the client’s business and their vision of the end-state functionality, post migration. This is what makes the cloud job market constantly evolve as technologies change and create new possibilities. However, the undeniable trend is the overall increase of cloud jobs and the subsequent training programs catered toward cloud professionals. Gaining new skills and certifications leads to an accelerated career path. At Capgemini University, we not only recognize the significance of the cloud, but we have also developed various cloud training programs to upskill our employees so that they are up to date with the latest tools and technology.

Our aim is not only to upskill employees when it comes to technical knowledge, but also to enhance their ability to adapt to customer requirements, understanding of client business and develop soft skills that ensure smooth delivery. This in turn leads to the career enhancement and development of our employees that makes them future ready. The Cloud Migration Academy is one such program, one that I’ve been closely involved in developing because I believe in the value that cloud migration can bring.

Cloud migration is valuable for a number of reasons. Firstly, the wholescale migration of applications and infrastructure to the cloud has started across all industries. Subsequently, a move to the cloud is an important endeavor that needs to be carefully planned and measured; a clear cloud migration solution can therefore help bring together the three dimensions of organization, application, and infrastructure.

So, what does the Cloud Migration Academy look like?

This highly interactive program is designed to help people within pre-sale, sales, and architect positions develop new methods to detect client needs and respond accordingly. It is a two-day course in which nominated participants come together to work hands on in small teams to review a series of RFPs. Teams are created based on knowledge, experiences, role, and location. They go through deep-dive coaching sessions and learn how to build a clear cloud migration solution for their customers. During the two days, participants decide where a cloud migration can take place and how best to solve it. This pushes them to think further about how they can work on the RFP solution. These challenges come directly from real business scenarios and provide participants with plenty of debates and feedback, allowing them to complete the course with new tools and knowledge to take forward with their clients. This year, we have run the course three times; once in New York City, and twice at the Serge Kampf Les Fontaines campus outside of Paris, France. Beyond meeting in person, the program also offers continuous learning opportunities in the forms of learning on the job or at the point of work.

Cloud Migration Academy success

We use learner insights and analytics to create an optimal learner experience. The program has seen definite success from the high participant ratings and overall positive feedback we’ve received. Here’s what some participants have said about the course:

“The course explained migration factory in a way that was easy to understand and put it into a business context, without becoming too technical. The practical sessions were a great way to practice deal-shaping and reinforce how to sell to clients.”

“The pace was high, which kept everyone engaged. The sequencing was positive without revealing the magic until we had to really think about what it meant ourselves.”

 “Working on real RFPs was a great learning experience; working in groups on meaningful content that can actually make a difference in RFP processors.”





Capgemini offers plenty of valuable training sessions that will not only help you expand your career but also develop your cloud capabilities. Find out about our cloud opportunities today and apply now!

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