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The rise of the cloud-native network data platform

Growing demand for network data

CSPs are facing challenges on many fronts – rolling out new network technologies such as FTTH (Fiber to the Home) and 5G, improving customer satisfaction, while at the same time trying to reduce operating costs. The one link between these disparate goals is the need for network data. The variety of these data and their volume (often 10’s or 100’s of TB per day), make them valuable to many operational processes, and enable CSPs to:

In these cases and many others, readily available network data would help a lot. The question is: what’s the best way for CSPs to gather, collate and use their network data?

An outdated dilemma: buying a platform or building your own?

To most CSPs this is nothing new; indeed, they’ve been amongst the first adventurers in the deployment of big data. But up until recently they’ve been choosing between two strategies, neither of which fully meets their needs:

  1. Buying an off-the-shelf, proprietary solution. On the plus side, this option is pre-built with integrated telecom expertise. Unfortunately, data and derived insights are too often confined within the limits of a proprietary environment – tied to a specific data model, which is owned by the vendor and not the CSP. This makes it difficult or impossible to use your data in new ways, which may not have been considered when the platform was designed. It can also be very difficult to find the expertise necessary to manage these platforms, further limiting the potential uses of valuable data.
  2. Building one’s own big data platform with open-source technologies. This has proven quite effective at capturing massive amounts of data, but it demands significant resources. It’s difficult to evolve; it relies on dedicated expertise, and like the off-the-shelf option, it’s difficult to scale. It ties up valuable resources which you would prefer to allocate on solving business problems!

All in all, both options have proven to be more expensive than initially expected, especially in the long run. They both lack flexibility and fail to exploit the full potential of data across the many dimensions of the organization.

Why cloud-native technologies are taking the lead

CSPs have already embraced cloud-native technologies to support their data transformations, with the first initiatives focusing on the corporate and customer domains. More recently, many have embraced the cloud for their network data initiatives, and for good reasons:

In a word, cloud offers agility. It makes it possible to experiment, adjust, pivot, personalize and scale with a freedom that’s simply not practical with off-the-shelf or in-house platforms. And with the increasingly central role of data, this freedom helps to enable Agility and DevOps throughout your organization.

Functions expected from the Network Data Platform

Cloud-native data technologies are making the dream of network data democratization come true, while helping CSPs advance many of the challenges they’re facing, including the three mentioned at the outset. How?

Capgemini as partner for building cloud network data platforms

At Capgemini we have experience deploying network data platforms for our clients, starting with on-premises big data platforms and then migrating them to the cloud, or starting with a cloud-native use case and expanding. We expect to see more CSPs taking advantage of the possibilities of cloud network data platforms to unleash the power of their data, remain in control, extract value and become data masters in combining network and customer data. Contact us to learn more.

Interested in cloud network data platforms?

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Yannick Martel, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics at Capgemini

Yannick is Group Offer Lead for Data & AI in the Telecom industry. Yannick has more nearly 30 years of experience working in the Telecom and Banking industries, helping organizations implement their digital and data transformation and better serve their customers.


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