Diversity Initiatives

Today, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is stronger than ever.

With 180,000 employees in over 40 countries representing 120 nationalities, Capgemini is proud of its wide cultural diversity. We regularly review our recruitment and working practices to identify the steps we need to take to continue attracting and retaining the most diverse workforce possible. These measures support our belief in “Net Positive,” an acknowledgment of the positive impact that companies can have on society and the environment

Supporting Diversity

Since 2004, we have driven a diversity agenda across the whole Group. Our belief in Diversity of Thought extends our definition of diversity beyond the traditional facets of gender, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation to include experience, personality, communication and work styles, and more.

Having audited current practices in each country, we have created a global diversity agenda and drafted a plan of supporting global initiatives.

At a global level, we support diversity by:

  • Identifying and selecting diverse employees according to objective, job-related criteria and unique skill sets
  • Providing a sound and fair working environment where staff can grow and develop
  • Supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that drive our diversity agenda through grass-roots passion and initiatives
  • Leveraging diversity as a source for innovation and inspiration
  • Continuously reviewing and improving our HR practices and procedures
  • Identifying barriers or restrictions to diversity and taking action to remove them
  • Training and continuously educating line and HR managers
  • Communicating the spirit of our diversity policies and agenda to everyone within the company
  • Establishing measurements to monitor our diversity dimensions, how we recognize differences, and utilize diversity as a strength

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