As a woman, you bring a unique perspective to business challenges. To get the most out of your talents, you need a solid support network. That’s why we adopted the Women@Capgemini program: it leverages all of our people’s talent through initiatives based on the “equal opportunities, equal chances” principle.

What is Women@Capgemini?

Women@Capgemini is a global program adopted in 2012, and supported by our Chairman and Group CEO, Paul Hermelin, to set the overarching guidelines around gender balance across the Group. It encapsulates all initiatives that have been set up in our business units around the world and it helps the regions that did not have a program to set one. Also allowing to share best practices put in place in local programs, it is based on the fundamental principle of “equal opportunities, equal chances”. This program is destined to leverage all talents in the organization to deliver innovative results to all our stakeholders; our team members, of course, but also our clients, partners and shareholders. One of the main goal is to globally change the corporate mentalities through strong commitments and role models from Group leaders.

Global women@capgemini core team together with Capgemini Group Chairman and CEO, Paul Hermelin


In 2017, Capgemini turned 50. While we celebrated 50 incredible years, we also celebrated 50 exceptional women working in our Group.

We shared 50 Inspiring stories of 50 Exceptional women from October 9 to December 20, 2017 on Capgemini social media pages and on Capgemini Youtube channel.

Through these 50 videos, women from Capgemini around the world show personal and professional anecdotes which highlight the courage, determination, challenges and successes experienced by most of the women across the globe.

The 50 women who participated in this campaign chose to talk about their experience through three complementary themes:

#BreakingStereotypes gives an overview of the stereotypes faced by some women in their professional or personal life and how they overcame them.

#BreakingRecords gathers experiences of women who won awards or have been driving huge projects within their organization

#BreakingTheGlassCeiling shows the trajectory of rising stars.

This campaign showcases 50 exceptional out of the 60 000 who are working in Capgemini but we are confident that you will find and meet these role models around you, amongst you, within you… Just look around!


Why Women@Capgemini?

  • It is a business imperative, as gender balance is proven to accelerate business;
  • It brings innovation and value;
  • It creates a more balanced and inclusive environment;
  • It fosters collaboration between our service lines and our geographies;
  • It improves our employees’ commitment;
  • It is key to attract and retain the right talents.

Three Pillars for the program


  • Open sourcing policy for « freshers » towards more gender diverse environments;
  • Require from all (internal/external) recruiters to source candidates of both genders for each profile;
  • Communicate on role models for/by women;
  • Ensure candidates are interviewed by at least one woman from the business.


  • Rule for maternity leave*
  • No freeze of career path and of compensation raise;
  • No refusal for promotion on grade (when applicable) when women are pregnant / on maternity leave (not for further extensions) into bonus eligible period.


  • Offer a development program (coaching / training / acting as) for targeted High-potential women to help them reach grades E & F;
  • Ensure women candidates for VP promotion are identified locally;
  • Ensure at least 1 person from each gender in promotion panels to guarantee gender neutrality and include 20% women in panels.

What we plan to do in 2017

9 key actions:

  1. Implementation of a policy for all recruiters to target gender mix candidates.
  2. A specific program to be rolled out globally with APRs set before leave and carried over on return.
  3. 50% of women targeted in all Group-led high potential programs.
  4. Equal pay managed by the HR departments.
  5. Creation of an E-Learning on gender biases.
  6. Maximizing female talents: use S.T.R. (Strategic Talent Review) and T.R (Talent Review) with gender lens, create targeted development plans, and showcase our role models, promotion of quotas at business unit level.
  7. Gender Balance Index which will track the number of women recruited, promoted and leavers in all Capgemini entities.
  8. EDGE Certification to showcase our commitment to gender balance for more Capgemini entities.
  9. Global communication plan showcasing gender inclusion: internal and external campaign to drive awareness and mobilize support.

Local Initiatives for Global Results

Across the world we have been recognized with numerous awards. Some examples:


  • Heleen van Cauter was one of the finalists of Young ICT Woman of the Year 2016 organized by data News in Belgium, which targets less than 30 years old women with an impressive track record in an ICT company.
  • Capgemini Belgium N.V. received the Top Employer award 2014 for the 7th time in a row.


  • Granted only to organizations that achieve the highest standards of career excellence, Capgemini Brazil received the “Top Employers 2012 Award”.


  • Capgemini France received the EDGE Certification (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) in recognition for its commitment to gender equality in 2016.
  • Magali Theveniault won the Margaret 2016 Price of the Intrapreneur Women at Journée de la Femme Digital in France.
  • Capgemini was on the Anita Borg Institute’s list of Top Companies for Women Technologists Leadership in 2015; recognizing companies that build workplaces where women technologists can thrive.
  • The website “lamixitéetvous.fr” was recognized at the 2013 Diversity Trophies.


  • Best Practice Award for a specific program designed to keep in touch with employees who are leaving the Group for a period of time (e.g. maternity leave, sick leave).


  • Gayathri Ramamurthy won the Excellence in Equality and Diversity Award in 2016 from the World Women Leadership Congress Forum for her commitment to build inclusive practices for Indian corporate.
  • Best Practice Award for OWL program (Outstanding Women in Leadership): A 12-month program, delivered in partnership with Skillsoft, and targeted at C-grade women – our emerging leaders of the future! The objective is to support the accelerated development of our C-grade women talent, thus strengthening the pipeline of potential D-grades.
  • Capgemini India was runners up for Diversity & Inclusion Award at the 2013 SHRM India Annual Conference.


  • Recognized with the Company of Choice for Women in ICT Certificate.
  • In 2012, Capgemini Netherlands was given the Equal Pay Award.


  • Oda Network, the largest network for women in the IT industry in Norway, awarded the prestigious prize ‘Organization 2013’ to Sogeti Norge AS.


  • Numerous awards include Womentor Award, Universum Awards: Sweden’s Best Employer, and No. 1 Employer of Choice by IT-students in Sweden


  • Christine Hodgson was on the list of the 50 most influential women in IT in 2015 of Computer Weekly.
  • Capgemini UK as ranked in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2013 and 2014
  • Maggie Buggie, Vice President, won the 2013 Technology category in the prestigious Women of Achievement Awards.


  • Capgemini US received the EDGE Certification (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) in recognition for its commitment to gender equality.
  • Sheryl Chamberlain received the Women in IT award in September 2016 from the Dallas Business Journal.
  • Sheetal Chawla won NAFE’s (National Association of Female Executives) 2015 Women of Excellence Rising Star Award. It honors her business accomplishments and leadership.

*to be adapted to local legislation