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Pierre-Adrien Hanania

As member of the Public Sector team of Capgemini, I provide strategy and technology consultancy services on different aspects of digital transformation. The scope of my work covers all segments, whether defense and security, welfare and tax, public admin and healthcare, building on a pluri-disciplinary vision and transversal levers to be activated across public services. At Capgemini, I lead the coordination of the European Public Sector, looking for ways to connect similar organizations across borders, in regards to their needs and digital journeys.

Furthermore and since I took the role of Global Offer Leader for AI in the Public Sector in the Group, I analyze industry trends in the field of AI & Data in order to predict their meaningful impacts for industry segments or individual clients. With PublicGoesAI, we envisioned the move towards AI as a journey at the crossroad between tech, political and social levels. You can learn all about PublicGoesAI on our page dedicated to the potential of the technology for public services, whether it is about augmenting citizen interaction with conversational AI or helping public servants in their decision with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

As former political analyst, I use my previous experiences I had in several European think tanks in order to detect the synergies between industry trends and the political frame. My highlights so far in the recent years include the organization of the AI4Good workshop with governments at the United Nations and the publication of the AI in Public Sector Point of View.

Take a look at the 11 AI4Good sessions we conducted last year!

Here’s the video about Capgemini’s PublicGoesAI initiative!


Feel free to connect with me on social media or per mail!

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