Capgemini Worldwide

Jean-Marie Lapeyre

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Global Automotive Industry

Before joining Capgemini, Jean-Marie held various executive positions with vehicle manufacturers. Key assignments included global VP delivering large-scale international enterprise programs, Chief Information Security Officer leading cyber transformation and operations, and Chief Technology Officer driving actionable technology strategy.
Jean-Marie’s experience shows that software is “eating the world” of automotive companies. Although this trend dates back 20+ years, it has taken companies time to progressively put software at the center, not least because of the high cost of redesigning cars around software-driven capabilities. It is now becoming mainstream, as customers are increasingly expecting cars to be “smartphones on wheels” – or more, and new entrants are proving that “Software Defined Vehicles” are not a niche market anymore.

Sector and Subject Expertise

Sector: Automotive, Manufacturing

Subject: Software-driven transformation, cyber security, enterprise digital architecture, software design and development, and IT governance and strategy.

Speaker Engagements

“Cybersecurity professions at a time of digital transformation”

And another thing …

Thanks to Jean-Marie’s earlier experience as a client of Capgemini, he knows that our comprehensive portfolio of capabilities is highly valued. Now he’s working to put software-driven transformation at the center of that portfolio and capabilities.




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