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Marty Borcharding

Expert in Finance Transformation

VP: Engagement Executive, I help BPO clients transform their F&A business through our Global Enterprise Model (GEM), our offerings and services.

Marty Borcharding

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini


Engagement Director @ Capgemini

12/16/2008 to 12/17/2012

Director Revenue Management @ Capgemini

01/10/2006 to 12/22/2008

Director @ Capgemini

01/14/2003 to 01/17/2006

Director @ Information Technology and Services Company

01/23/2002 to 05/13/2003

Director & COO @ Utilities Firm

05/22/1990 to 05/12/2003

Finance Manager @ Utilities Firm

05/11/1982 to 04/24/2002

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Business Services

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Business Services

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