Catherine Perronet

Expert in Reinventing Work, Workforce Transformation

Catherine is VP of Capgemini Invent’s Workforce and Organization practice and global leader for its Reinventing Work offer.

With over 20 years at Capgemini, Catherine brings strong expertise in project design and orchestration, corporate governance, and priority management in global and complex environments to each client engagement. She strongly believes that results can only be achieved if the human dimensions are well-taken care of first. In this high-speed digital transformation era, Catherine empowers clients to look at business challenges through the eyes of their employees, leveraging their human capital, and placing a strong emphasis on continuous learning. Catherine works closely with clients to help them to be adaptive and strategically “reinvent work” in a way that works best for their business.

Catherine Perronet

My experience

VP @ Capgemini Invent

20 years