Elizabeth Kiehner

Expert in Enterprise Transformation, Reinventing Work

Liz is Capgemini Invent’s VP of Workforce and Organization in North America, part of the Enterprise Transformation portfolio. She is deputy global leader of Capgemini Invent’s strategic offer, Reinventing Work.

With a proven track record in offering management, go-to-market and human-centered design, Liz extends beyond the classical mandates of organization activation and experience design, and supports clients across their holistic transformation journeys. Driving the adoption of technology and new ways of working while elevating intentionality and awareness around sustainability and DEI&B.

A graduate in visual media and literature with an MBA, she combines design and innovation expertise with business competence, preferring to focus on co-creation with a human-centric and journey driven approach to transformation. Having worked at IBM and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Liz co-founded one start-up in her past, and joined Capgemini Invent in 2021. She is a published author and keynote speaker with a passion for designing a better world for the next generation.

Elizabeth Kiehner

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VP of Workforce and Organization @ Capgemini Invent