Invent: Energy, Utilities & Chemicals

Utility companies face pressure on all sides – from stakeholders, shareholders and customers. The need for change is urgent. And we’re uniquely equipped to look at things in a new way. Our 12,000+ dedicated sector consultants work with more than 75 of the top Utilities businesses worldwide, building relationships and solutions that last.

The Energy, Utilities and Chemicals sectors are affected by pressing concerns including volatile and rising commodity prices, environmental pressure increased competition, significant capital costs and regulatory constraints. At the same time, the value chains are increasingly turning “digital” through technological innovations such as smart fieldssmart metering, smart grids smart homes.

These innovations are profoundly transforming the industry, leading to operational efficiencies and a renewed supplier-customer relationship. Capgemini Invent closely monitors these market trends leveraging a network of dedicated research centers (Labs).

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We help clients formulate operational strategies, implement wide business transformations and optimize organizations and processes through dedicated operational management initiatives.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Power generation
  • Power & gas infrastructures and regulated activities
  • Energy retail including energy services
  • Clean technologies
  • Water distribution, collection and treatment
  • Upstream and downstream Oil & Gas
  • Smart Energy (including implementation of smart infrastructures)
  • Operational excellence

Track Record and Value Delivery

Our 800+ professionals operating in 12 major geographies include consulting professionals and experts in specific value chain segments and industry issues. We deliver consulting services to 60% of the leading Utilities companies, and to 50% of the leading Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

We are recognized for our professional commitment and leadership, our intellectual curiosity, and our ability to innovate.

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