Invent: Financial Services

A number of factors are permanently changing the Financial Services industry. These most notably include growth of new digital technologies, fast evolving customer behaviors, unsteady growth in mature economies, globalization of markets and regulatory pressure.

In this challenging environment, Financial Services players must rethink their business and operating model. Capgemini Invent accompanies the leader in the industry as they respond to today’s challenges.

Our Expertise in Financial Services Consul

Through its longstanding client relationships and its strong convictions about intelligent business practices, Capgemini Invent has developed an expertise that is renowned in the financial services industry.

Our global teams have developed specific trends and insights in retail banking, P&C insurance, life insurance, wealth management, payments, blockchain and consumer credit, to name a few.

Our experience enables us to provide the following skills:

  • Expansion into international markets
  • Stimulation of growth
  • Development of open banking and data banking
  • Diversification of offers
  • Automation of back office through RPA / AI
  • Performance of support functions (finance, HR, IT)
  • Payments
  • Claims management
  • Regulatory change (IFRS 17, GDPR)
  • Transformation of IT departments (agile, new ways of working, …)

Latest Publications

Growth in the Machine

How financial services can move intelligent automation from a cost play to a growth strategy

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