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Adapting to a new consumer-centric media paradigm

The Media & Entertainment industry has been facing unprecedented levels of disruption for over a decade and is still rapidly changing as consumer behavior and expectations evolve and technology transforms content production, delivery & consumption. The progress and continued adoption of digital & cloud promise more changes and open new growth opportunities.

If Media & Entertainment has always been about Content, the revolution has set the consumer truly at the heart of a new media paradigm.

The ability to gain direct customer access, to understand consumer needs and preferences, to identify changes in their behaviors and to use these insights to create differentiated, relevant experiences and new monetization models are the most pressing challenges facing the modern media company across the entire value chain.

At Capgemini, we not only understand this environment and the forces of disruption reshaping the industry, but the power of technology in helping organizations address these challenges. We work with leading media and entertainment companies to rethink the media value chain from content creation to consumption, offering consumers and brands differentiated, relevant and personalized experiences they can value and monetize. Together, we help our clients:

  1. Compete for audience reach, engagement and retention
  2. Address consumers and brands preferences by leveraging data
  3. Optimise and modernise ad sales business across channels
  4. Implement disintermediation – D2C strategies and adapt business models
  5. Develop new growth plays in virtual reality, 5G, gaming, SportTech and e-sports
  6. Create and deliver agility and efficiency by revisiting operating models and workflows
  7. Accelerate digital & cloud to scale, optimize costs and enable new collaboration models


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