Energy and Utilities

Does your energy company feel like it’s operating on the edge? For the first time, that might actually be a good thing.

“Working with Capgemini has helped us future-proof our business [and] introduce more convenience to our customers.”

—Chuah Kee Heng, Managing Director, SP Services

New technologies empower energy and utility leaders

Energy and utility companies face a level of disruption not seen in decades. New, cash-rich competitors are disrupting the market. Renewables prices continue to ratchet downward. New energy-storage technologies are rapidly becoming industrialized. Meanwhile, technology – and opportunity – are moving to the edge. Just consider:

  • Edge computing is placing capture and analysis of data wherever it’s generated – by customers on mobile devices, by IoT sensors in electric vehicles, by machine-to-machine connections in smart buildings.

  • Capgemini is purpose-built to guide energy and utility companies as they master these market shifts and tech-triggered trends. Our 16,000 energy experts work with you to create a vision and chart a path to digital transformation. We equip you to start projects today that ladder up to long-term strategic goals.

Energy and Utilities

Capgemini knows from experience how to help you:

  • Become a customer-centric digital business
  • Leverage IoT, machine learning, and edge computing
  • Identify, develop, and implement new business models
  • Control costs and demonstrate value to customers and regulators

Real-world solutions for real-world results

At Capgemini, digital transformation isn’t just a concept. Our energy and utility clients in North America, Latin America, the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific are taking bold steps to succeed in a customer-driven, technology-enabled landscape:

  • A U.K. power-station developer is leveraging cloud computing and digital services to grow into a global nuclear-energy leader.
  • A major water supplier has formed an industry-leading IT alliance to become an efficient digital business and innovate better customer service.
  • A building technologies frontrunner has implemented an innovative IoT platform to drive next-generation energy management.
  • A North America city government is automating utility operations to become more efficient and customer-centric.

Discover how Capgemini can help you create and realize a better future for your energy and utility business.

Capgemini’s annual thought leadership research report, World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) has launched. 

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