Today’s consumers and buyers expect positive, personalized experiences.

Organizations in every industry and sector are heavily investing in their customer experiences. It is becoming essential for businesses to rethink customer experience by optimizing existing and new innovations to address industry challenges and deliver individual “you” experiences at scale.

As the lines between dynamic brand experiences and digital transformation have blurred, the convergence across business functions has transformed the way companies engage with customers throughout their buying cycle, and how they organize and operate at scale.

While this represents a big challenge, doing it right is the single most exciting opportunity today. Leveraging the power of Adobe technology, we’ll help you elevate your customer engagement to pinpoint where and how to engage customers to create an experience that people remember. Leverage our customer-experience expertise to deliver solutions across business functions, to build a truly integrated experience.

Capgemini Captivates Adobe Summit 2022

The Digital Experience Conference was a record-breaking virtual event with over 100,000 attendees.

As part of Capgemini’s long-standing partnership with Adobe, we hosted two sessions focused on Data Driven Personalized Experiences and co-presented on one Adobe sponsored session. To view the sessions, see below.

How Connected Marketing Delivers Digital Experiences

How does retail shopping and customer engagement bring to life the store of tomorrow?
Hear from our Connected Marketing leaders, Thomas Dmoch, and Markus Degen, how using end-to-end Adobe technology, the Connected Marketing Engine provides the CornerShop with seamless, contextual, omnichannel, and real-time personal engagement with its customers from anywhere.

Propel Content Velocity Through Integrated Content Pipeline

How can content velocity solve the ongoing challenge of delivering timely, relevant, and impactful content within the Financial Services industry?
Hear from our leaders, Dheepak Ramnathan and Aravinth Dhinakaran, how implementing an integrated Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem can help your organization deliver the ideal customer digital experience.

Win with Platform — Put Your Data to Work in Real Time

How can Adobe partners, help solve your current and future challenges using the Adobe Experience Platform and Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP)?
Hear from our Principal Solution Architect, Jens Jacobsen, about innovative omnichannel use cases, the openness of Experience Platform using the example of connecting with IoT in the automotive industry and how to get the most value by seamlessly connecting all disparate data sources to a real-time actionable profile.

Schedule a virtual demonstration showcasing how we employ the power of data to enable better decision making and create engaging, personalized experiences for your customers. Fill out the form below to book one of the following demos:

  • Content eXplosion: to drive meaningful engagement and experiences
  • Magento Commerce for Workfront: to create a seamless, end-to-end modern campaign ecosystem
  • Integrated Marketing at Scale: to help insurance marketing teams shape their strategy, tailor brand experiences, and drive business effectiveness
  • Connected Marketing: to tackle complexity and improve the efficiency of your marketing ecosystem

Our expertise combined with the power of Adobe enables us to elevate customer engagement and pinpoint where and how to engage customers to create an experience that people remember.

Reimagining customer engagement. Delivering results.

Putting You first, every time. We’re embracing humanity, sensitivity, and intuition to invent new experiences. These are grounded in rigorous analysis and cutting-edge technologies, to be as personal as they are effective. Experiences that build relationships, one interaction at a time. Our unique blend of strategy, technology, design, and operational capabilities combined with our ability to scale to deliver efficiently, effectively, and globally enables us to grow your most precious asset: the relationship between you and your customer.

We integrate Adobe technology with our clients’ existing systems and identify ways to connect, manage, and optimize multiple channels used by customers, vendors, suppliers, and other end-users, all of whom have a different need. Ultimately, we help our clients seize control of their brands across these channels to deliver revenue-impacting initiatives.

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Sreekumar Vadakkepat

I lead the CX Ecosystem team for the Capgemini Group, and am responsible for developing our Group’s strategy and overseeing the execution of market business plans with our partners. I am passionate about using data to drive the customer experience management and customer relationship management domains in fulfilling their potential for end customers.