Google Cloud

As Cloud technology continues its inexorable rise, enterprises must soar higher and break new grounds to survive

The Next Frontier of Cloud

Today, cloud is accepted and a standard for almost all CIOs. But it is time to look beyond that infrastructure layer that is now table stakes. As on-demand IT continues to evolve through the next decade, enterprises must look at what is next and recognize that a new definition of cloud is emerging, one that looks as cloud not only as a tool to run today’s applications, but as a platform for innovation and disruption.

A New Dawn with Google Cloud

Together with Google Cloud, Capgemini elevates your cloud transformation by looking for areas where you can use cloud as a platform to create unique functionality and special experiences, using best-of-breed Google technology. Business Insights, Personalization Experience and Automation.


Competing in a Data-Driven World

Business Insights

  • Apply the right analytics and technology to derive the full value from your data to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Leverage AI and ML to use data as the voice of your customer so you can match and tailor their digital experience and journeys

Business Agility

  • Leverage a highly scalable, subscription-based platform to enable rapid development and deployment of applications
  • Adopt a digital workplace with a simple, fully integrated solution suite that includes products

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