IBM helps you put smart to work. Capgemini helps you put smart to work harder.

Intelligent technologies for your digital transformation

Advanced analytics. Cognitive IoT. Blockchain. Quantum Computing. These are the technologies that will carry smart enterprises forward – to new innovations, new business models, and new business success.

For a growing number of organizations, the source of these transformative technologies is IBM and Capgemini. IBM is the innovation powerhouse. Capgemini is the transformation leader. Together, we can help your organization “put smart to work” more effectively than you ever thought possible.

Robotics & Cognitive: A New World of Services and Increased Competitiveness

Trusted solutions from an IBM Platinum Business Partner

Capgemini has been an IBM partner for nearly two decades. Our successful collaborations have earned Capgemini an IBM Platinum Business Partner status – the highest designation IBM offers. We have an established relationship in more than 20 countries around the world. We’re among the largest participants in IBM PartnerWorld®. Many of our solutions have been lauded by IBM Beacon Awards.  

And no wonder, because our strengths complement each other perfectly. IBM is recognized for its innovation and technology leadership. Capgemini is valued for its integration and consulting expertise. Transformative IBM technology combines with Capgemini business insights and implementation expertise to deliver business results for you.

An example is our recent initiatives with Quantum computing. We have signed a new agreement with IBM to advance industry applications of quantum computing and become the first IBM Quantum Hub able to offer its clients access to and professional services for IBM’s quantum cloud.

Joint Solutions for Smart Enterprises

IBM and Capgemini share a commitment to transforming IT in ways that drive positive business outcomes. Our joint solutions are designed to advance your organization’s innovation, growth and profitability. Our investments focus on leading-edge technologies and capabilities, including:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Cognitive IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • IBM WatsonTM
  • IBM Cloud
  • Quantum Computing

The resulting solutions are shared throughout our alliance network. So when you work with your local Capgemini team, you benefit from our global expertise.

The IBM and Capgemini partnership is benefiting more industry leaders – like Norway’s Akerhus University Hospital, which is leveraging machine learning and natural-language processing to optimize CT scans. Find out how our collaboration can put smart to work for you.