Capgemini is a Platinum Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) partner of Teradata, which entails Executive level sponsorship from both organizations.  Capgemini has also been the recipient of the 2016 Teradata EPIC Award for ‘Business Insights’ category for our joint engagement with a leading multination beverage company. The award marks a 6th consecutive win for Capgemini as a Teradata EPIC award recipient.

With over 1000 Teradata experienced and 110+ certified Capgemini consultants having experience on Teradata, our partnership exhibits the highest level of commitment and investments.

Our key initiatives include:

Finance Analytics:  Gross Margin Variance Analysis (GMVA) tool helps organizations in efficient variance analysis, measuring change across products, costs, etc, driving faster and better insights-driven decision across businesses.

Risk Management framework for Insurance firms – monitors the economic capital to be held by an insurer. With Teradata’s proven Logical Data Model and Capgemini’s expertise  in the FS sector, clients are able to realize  pre-defined milestones.