Brochure: Secure Remote Working and Collaboration Services

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The Digital Workplace has never been as important as it is right now

Many studies support the idea that working from home – for the right people – can increase productivity, potentially decreasing stress. Research also suggests companies that encourage and support a work-from-home policy save money in the long run and are better protected from disaster situations – an added bonus for organizations.

Effective remote working is highly contextual – it faces both technological and people challenges. At Capgemini, our approach is structured around these two essential pillars. We believe that, while technological challenges are at the heart of business adaptability and resilience, they can only be overcome when addressed with user experience taken into consideration.

Technical challenges

  • Providing the necessary tools and suitable devices for end users to work remotely and stay productive.
  • Support for employees working remotely.
  • Quality and performance of IT infrastructures and network (e.g. VPN capacity).
  • Security breaches caused by the unusual end-user behavior (e.g. inappropriate use of tools).
  • Protection against cyber-threats and other unexpected risks (e.g. phishing).

User experience

  • Providing an excellent user experience for remote workers.
    Maintaining user well-being, motivation, and commitment.
    Team collaboration and maintaining user productivity.
    Digital adoption of new tools.
    Allowing employees to grow and maintain a genuine sense of purpose.

Capgemini developed a framework to help organizations overcome these challenges.  This framework is structured as follows:

  • Define: Understand business needs and drivers. Define how the Digital Workplace will support the achievement of business goals.
  • Design: This is all about creating a new service blueprint and a first-class experience for an organization’s employees.
  • Deploy: Encompasses all the processes involved in getting new software and hardware up and running properly in its environment.
  • Adopt: Maintain workforce engagement and motivation by employing digital adoption.
  • Optimise: Capitalize on the technologies available and go further by tuning your Digital Workplace and become more resilient to any future crisis.

Download the following documents to know more about our framework in detail:

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Flyer: Remote Working and...

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Key Contacts

Jon Harriman

Over 15 years of experience in Microsoft technologies. Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services portfolio specializes in Workplace, Mobility and Collaboration Services.

Charlotte Noel

Expert in Strategy and Transformation

Maciej Kafel

Expert in Infrastructure Transformation Services

Geert van der Linden

Expert in Cybersecurity Consulting, Service Offerings, Strategy.