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Leading pan-Asian retailer selects Capgemini Point of Sale tool to kick start its journey towards a more consistent omnichannel approach, implementing a group-level process overhaul to support future growth

Establishing a logical omnichannel journey

Traditionally, retailers have worked to optimize the customer experience across individual channels, but this piecemeal approach is no longer sufficient.

To create a more consistent, logical, and comprehensive omnichannel journey, a Pan-Asian retailer needed to introduce a common operating model for Point of Sale (PoS) and Cash Management (CM) across its brands, segments and geographies, starting with supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, based on shared systems, processes and practices.

The market for PoS and CM solutions has changed dramatically in recent years. Retailers are increasingly confused about selecting new vendors and many lack the knowledge and experience to carry out evaluations internally. In response, Capgemini has developed a proven evaluation methodology to help retailers accelerate the selection process. The Capgemini PoS tool, supported by Intel, is a crucial part of this process.  By engaging Capgemini and the PoS tool, the retailer was able to reduce the time taken from identifying the long list of potential vendors to making its final global selection from 10-12 months to just 7-8 months.

Ultimately, the retailer benefited from Capgemini’s extensive experience in the retail sector. Thanks to its close working relationships with many hardware and software vendors, Capgemini can easily reach out, both formally and informally, to gather the information it needs to ensure the PoS tool is always up to date and delivers the best expert industry guidance.

Capgemini views PoS as the beating heart of the store, both online and offline. Therefore, the PoS tool plays a crucial role in Capgemini’s Smart Digital Store proposition – a set of ready-made solutions and reference architectures that brings together the customer, store employee, product and physical store itself. By following an integrated approach, rather than promoting discrete gadgets or one-off point solutions, the Smart Digital Store offers operational efficiency, creates new business models, and grows the retailer’s business.

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