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Capgemini and HPE bring new capabilities into workplace mobility and mobile workspaces to provide the right foundation for an organization’s digital transformation.

Unless you’ve been incommunicado for the last few years, you’ve probably noticed the extensive press that digital transformation has recently received. This phenomenon—nothing short of a revolution—has moved from the IT departments and into the boardrooms of leaders across industries, sectors, and geographies, and is redefining industries across the world. But often, one critical element is not adequately addressed in digital transformation strategies—the employee. Today’s frenzied pace of IT consumerization has placed unprecedented access, device capabilities, and technology in the hands of knowledge workers. Users no longer differentiate between their home IT and work IT—and expect to use their own devices to access corporate IT services alongside their own personal data and public apps. Nearly 80% of employees bring their personal mobile device to work. In addition, employees are scattering to the four winds and working at home, customer locations, hotel rooms, and in coffee shops. About 89% employees prefer to choose when and where to work, and 77% employees believe that a flexible schedule can increase their productivity. As these change drivers take hold, employees are becoming empowered and asserting more control. They constantly demand fast and easy access to business and personal data, from any device at any location, 24×7, and the freedom to use any device to download any app or visit any website without tedious security restrictions. Additionally, access to flexible, intelligent office space is top of mind. Therefore, only an integrated digital strategy that focuses on talent identification, recruitment, and retention, as well as employee engagement, can provide the right foundation for your transformation. This is why Capgemini has partnered with HPE to bring new capabilities into workplace mobility and mobile workspaces.

Connected Employee Expe...

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