Lifting the lid on corporate innovation in the digital age

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Capgemini Invent has partnered with the MIT Initiative on Digital Economy to get a deeper understanding of how big corporations are innovating in the digital age.

Our research covered 300+ large companies in 8 different countries across 7 industries. This new report presents the main findings of this research and answers questions such as:

  • What innovation sources are large corporations using ?
  • How widespread is open innovation today?
  • What is the importance of digital technology in innovation?
  • What should be the balance between internal and external innovation?
  • How are corporations adapting their internal innovation system and capabilities ?

The research also covers the impact of disruption on large firms and the need to put innovation at the forefront of growth strategy. We also analyze how companies have transformed their innovation approaches to adapt to new digital technology advances such as  artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, Information of Things (IoT) etc.

Finally, we present the main challenges companies are facing, mostly acquiring critical resources and the key takeaways to stay relevant in the digital age by making the most of the of  innovation opportunities.

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Corporate Innovation

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Sound Bites

Nick Kerigan, Barclaycard

“The acceleration of digital transformation externally, allied with the growth of FinTech, has been one of the drivers of a faster pace of change in our industry. We have responded to that opportunity by evolving the way we innovate and seeking win-win partnerships with startups, through the Barclays Accelerator for example. About a year and a half to two years ago, the narrative was all about how FinTechs were going to disrupt incumbent financial institutions. Now, the narrative is much more of bank – FinTech collaboration.”

Janelle Sallenave, Head of Customer Support for Uber

“For the big, bold bets, a handful of our executives brainstorm the future. When they find something really interesting, they go and bring in the expertise; they find the universities with advanced laboratories on that topic.”

Antti Koskelin, KONE Chief Information Officer

“We realized that we cannot develop all technologies by ourselves inside our company R&D. During the past two years, we have taken a lot of actions to partner with different technology companies and startups to capture digitization opportunities.”