Digital SIAM – Service Automation for IT Accelerates Business Transformation

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By taking a holistic approach to Digital SIAM you can avoid getting bogged down in operational intricacies—so you can finally move ahead in solving business challenges.

SIAM (Service Integration and Management) has made the transition from novel concept to strategic imperative at most large enterprises. It is now seen as the key to solving all kinds of challenges—from improving the quality and consistency of IT services, to streamlining IT operations enabling a low risk move to the cloud, to reining in the chaos of multi-sourced supplier management and unleashing the
Digital agenda with Fast IT and Dev-Ops.

The business value of SIAM is very real; however the term itself is used so inconsistently by vendors, analysts, the press, and enterprises that it is in jeopardy of losing all meaning, much the same way “open systems” was stripped of significance in the 1990s. And that is a serious issue, because it means many companies are not accurately assessing the possibilities of SIAM, not implementing SIAM solutions that truly align with business objectives, and not extracting full value from SIAM solutions.

It’s time to get back to SIAM as it was originally conceived—with the focus on “integration.” SIAM is not the same thing as service management; it is about bringing together separately contracted and supplied IT service providers to ensure they consistently work together to deliver business benefits. And that requires a comprehensive approach, not piecemeal connections, ad-hoc policies, and one-off solutions.

Capgemini is the one partner that can deliver Digital SIAM solutions that truly integrate all aspects of the environment—operations, projects, performance, and planning—so that your enterprise can bring consistency to service delivery, manage the complexities of multi-sourcing, convert data into intelligence that drives business process improvement, and accelerate business transformation initiatives.

This paper describes the impetus behind a more comprehensive approach to SIAM, the attributes of a holistic Digital SIAM approach, and Capgemini’s unique capabilities in delivering on the demands.

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