How automation and augmentation will change the future of HR

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Equipping the HR workforce with future-proof skills

Augmentation HRTechnologies have fundamentally changed the way we work and made our daily challenges easier to tackle. The current pandemic has underscored the importance of digitized working for continuing and accelerating business operations.

HR, as the “people” department, faces prominent challenges that require rapid reaction and decision making. For one, HR needs to support organizations in responding instantly to changing demands in the workplace – such as enabling remote work, virtual leadership and collaboration, and designing safe work environments. Secondly, it needs to be prepared for the challenges to come once the pandemic subsides – such as supporting organizations in recovering from harsh business impacts, rethinking the employee experience and boosting online and offline workforce productivity.

Our latest report shows the potential of automation and augmentation technologies not just to accelerate HR, but to transform HR’s contribution to the organization and sustainably shape the future of job roles. HR leaders should act now to stay relevant and add value to the business.


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