Media & Entertainment: Restarting and reshaping business and operations in the COVID era

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COVID-19 has introduced a new wave of volatility and amplified existing disruptions within the Media & Entertainment industry.

While this crisis has led to an increase in customers and consumption across many M&E segments, many businesses are struggling to monetize this surge in demand. At the same time, some organizations have experienced significant income loss as advertising budgets are cut or existing revenue streams evaporate. Finally, many companies will need to consider how production delays will affect the availability of new content at a time when consumer demand is at a peak.

Our latest report shares insights and perspectives on how organizations can respond to these challenges in the near-term and prepare the business to seize the opportunities of a post-crisis world. Our quick action guide focuses on 12 priority actions that organizations can take to restart and reshape business and operations in the COVID era and beyond.

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Covid-19 Impact on Media...

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