One-to-One Customer Engagement for Telecoms

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To win the hearts and minds of today’s customers, Telecom organizations need to go beyond the capabilities of traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).

Enterprises must embrace a dynamic program of customer experience and journey management – one that delivers personalized engagement across all customer touchpoints while anticipating each customer’s behavior and addressing their needs. This must be done in real-time, so these impactful experiences are delivered when they’re needed, seamlessly across all channels.

Becoming real-time data-driven is a challenge to telcos’ marketing operations. It changes the daily relationship with customers, making it more powerful, real time, and focused on their individual needs. It also requires deep attention to data and relating it to customers’ concerns. Marketing leaders struggle with transformation efforts for three main reasons. First, they often see transformation as overhauling technology when it is about moving the organization towards creating new value. Second, they forget to put customers first and focus too much on internal processes. Third, innovation efforts are dispersed among teams and domains without adequate coordination and cooperation.

We help our telco customers implement a pragmatic program with a new generation of cloud- and AI tools. Find out more in our POV “Effective real-time data-driven marketing activation for telcos”.

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