Payment System Modernization for Innovation at Speed and Scale

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Rising demand for real-time, accessible, and digital-first payments experience that integrate seamlessly to support business and lifestyle needs is causing an inflection point for bank’s payments strategy. Technology, competition, regulators, and customers continue to raise the benchmark. While players have been responding, the ability to act at speed and scale has been a challenge.

A digital payments infrastructure that enables trusted and secure payments experiences is vital for banks that are supporting organizations across industries as they increasingly pivot to digital business models. This need is especially critical as businesses are looking to orchestrate seamless, fully personalized customer experiences that include integrated payments.

As mid-sized banks embark on their modernization journey, it is key to build a target state vision for payments technology landscape and drive internal alignment between business and technology.

Read this report to better understand:

  • Key market drivers of payments IT modernization.
  • Payments innovation opportunities and perspectives for mid-sized banks to build the business case.
  • Risks and benefits of two alternate approaches i.e. Big-bang and progressive.
  • Challenges and best practices for banks to consider on their modernization journey.

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