ServiceNow Readiness Assessment

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Extract more value from the Now platform.

Digital transformation often starts with ITSM (IT Service Management), but it shouldn’t end there. IT must be capable of extending digital excellence to every business process and every business unit across the enterprise: Operations. HR. Finance. Manufacturing. Supply chain. The Now platform from ServiceNow is a superior solution for expanding digital excellence. But are you prepared to take full advantage of the Now platform?

ServiceNow Readiness Assessment Services

Capgemini’s ServiceNow assessment takes a deep look at the current state of your ServiceNow adoption, providing you with the technical due diligence as well as tactical process assessment to understand necessary optimization and innovation opportunities. Our assessment helps you understand the configuration needs and comprehend the actual implementation and maintenance costs supporting your real-life business case.

If you’re looking to extract more value from the Now platform, contact us today to initiate your ServiceNow Readiness Assessment. To know more download our brochure.

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