The Disconnected Customer: What digital customer experience leaders teach us about reconnecting with customers

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Few companies are actually succeeding in delivering great digital customer experiences ­– and reaping the huge potential rewards.

Capgemini launches the findings of “The Disconnected Customer: What digital customer experience leaders teach us about reconnecting with customers.” A compilation of findings from more than 3,000 consumers and 600 executives that serve them, the research reveals a gap between how businesses and consumers perceive the quality of their customer experience.

Of the organizations surveyed, only three out of ten match customer expectations. Eight in ten consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience as big business falls short on expectations. 75% of organizations believe themselves to be customer-centric but only 30% of consumers agree.

The real value of DCX—80% of consumers willing to pay for a better experience?

You can reap significant rewards when you do DCX. Most businesses are well aware of this—but customers’ willingness to spend much more to attain a great experience suggests that something isn’t quite right.

Our research found that over 80% of consumers are willing to pay for a better experience. This holds broadly true across sectors and countries, with around one in ten consumers (9%) actually willing to increase their spending by more than half.

Digital dynamos or disappointments? The numbers show a huge customer disconnect and disappointment

We found that while 75% of organizations believe themselves to be customer-centric, only 30% of consumers agreed—that’s a 35% gap. Utilities are particularly out of sync. We found that 79% of utilities believe they are customer-centric, but only a third of consumers agree. Regionally, only companies in APAC can claim to be in tune with their consumers.

Geographically speaking, the US and the UK are most out of sync. While 81% of firms in UK and US believe that they are customer-centric, only 40% of consumers agree. Customers in these countries also rank companies lower on many of key customer considerations. More alarmingly, only 26% of consumers in the UK believe that companies listen and understand their needs, while in the US; this figure sits at 31%.

Are you really listening to your customers? Consumers want to feel heard and have their loyalty rewarded

In most industries we surveyed, less than half of consumers believe their organization provides a better customer experience than the competition. Additionally, only 34% and 37% of US and UK consumers, respectively, believe that companies reward them for loyalty.

DCX best practices—creating a map that connects you at every key stage of your relationship lifecycle

Organizations across industries face a stream of challenges in formulating and executing customer experience strategies. Mapping and connecting the goals of the customer and the brand at key points in the relationship lifecycle is key to overcoming these challenges.

The key to a differentiated customer experience is about mapping and connecting the goals of the customer with the brand at key points in the relationship lifecycle. Learn more about how DCX makes the connections that make a difference.

Find out more insights from the report about the big disconnect between businesses and consumers on what represents customer-centricity and also on whether the customer experience is improving.

The Disconnected Customer

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