The Smart Digital Store – Smart Store Associate X.1 creates brand ambassadors

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The Smart Storel Associate solution turns store associates into brand ambassadors and drives sales with on-the-go performance data, assigned tasks, shopper location, product information, customer behavior profiles and tools to engage customers on a more personal level.

Today shoppers want to be helped when they want, with relevant and tailored products, and without invading their privacy.  And store associates want to be knowledgeable about products and customers, and get quick access to tasks, shifts & performance details.

The Smart Digital Store – Smart Store Associate solution integrates both the physical store and online worlds and enhances the combination with analytics. The Smart Digital Store integrates customer, employee, product and the physical store, and various point solutions are tied together via the XIoT platform.  The solutions can be applied to grocery, warehouses, apparel, big box and DIY stores.

The Smart Digital Store empowers sales associates to improve store performance and provide a personalized experience to shoppers. The Smart Digital Store leverages both Intel technology and Google advanced analytics Big Query solution and Google Cloud platform [or other cloud platforms, e.g. Microsoft Azure] – enabling high availability and massive scalability – for a richer customer experience.

For more information, please contact:

North America / Latin America / Europe / Asia Pacific
Revathy Rajendran
Global Sales Enablement Lead | The Smart Digital Store

Also visit the Smart Digital Store website 

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