A new era of transition and maturity in Connected Health

The Connected Health industry is in the midst of transformation – from early pilots and test-and-learn efforts to the ultimate goal of being a fully functioning profit center.

Unfortunately, many Connected Health programs have plateaued or are at risk of becoming stalled due to organizational silos, cumbersome legacy drug development processes, and sweeping regulations. At the same time, Connected Health program leaders are under mounting pressure to demonstrate reliable, measurable return on the organization’s investments, as well as clear health outcomes for patients.

As a multi-billion dollar industry, life sciences companies must embrace the opportunity of the Connected Health market. However, they must do so in a strategic way, building their digital maturity and transforming the organization to address the challenges standing in the way of a profitable, scalable Connected Health program.

Within the next three years, 652 million consumers around the world will be using some form of a digital therapeutic. Their interest, coupled with better health outcomes and improved quality of care, is driving a growth rate of up to 30% in the Connected Health market.

Is your organization primed for success in this next phase of growth?

Even though the Connected Health market offers an important growth opportunity for life sciences organizations, many companies are not prepared to seize the potential. The Connected Health ecosystem is diverse, complex, and fragmented. For life sciences organizations, success depends not on the development and launch of a single product, but on the ability to intelligently integrate and exponentially scale functional areas within the enterprise to establish a broader ecosystem.

Capgemini is the enterprise growth partner for Connected Health in the life sciences industry. We help clients establish and scale integrated operations to develop and launch successful digital products that drive clear health outcomes and measurable business impact.

No other partner offers the complete end-to-end capabilities, including strategy, business case development, design, engineering, validation, operations, and regulatory compliance, needed to assess each organization’s current Connected Health program and establish a fully-functioning profit center.

With Capgemini, organizations get a trusted partner with a proven track record. Our robust, established history of successfully building and delivering digital products globally for industry-leading pharmaceutical and life science organizations makes us a partner of choice. Our solutions power millions of digital therapeutics interactions each day for clients, their patients, and physicians.

Our Experts:

Geoff McCleary

Vice President, Global Connected Health Practice Lead, Capgemini

 Emily Tower

Vice President, Connected Health, Capgemini Invent

 Satya Patloori

Vice President, Life Sciences, Capgemini Invent

 Ross Landles

Vice President, Innovation, Strategy and Design, Frog

 Andrew Koubatis

Life Sciences Center of Excellence Leader, Capgemini Engineering

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Expert Speaks

Geoff McCleary. Vice President, Global Connected Health Practice Lead, Capgemini

“The life sciences industry is facing a new era of transition and maturity in Connected Health – one that will be driven by an increased focus on profitability, efficiency, and scale. Recognizing your organization’s place in this journey will allow you to advance beyond the experimentation and innovation phase and establish the true business value for Connected Health.”