ADMnext for Electric Utilities

As network grids transform, smart transmission and distribution operators need to adapt and address a host of growing challenges. These challenges include a higher share of distributed and intermittent renewables, which can result in greater grid instability, along with a need for better storage solutions and the leveraging of maturing digital technologies like IoT, 5G, and AI, to achieve progress.

There is also a need for greater grid resiliency in the face of weather events and accountability for energy transition. Additionally, current business models are coming under increased pressure with microgrids and self-consumption impacting T&D revenues. Overall, it’s essential that smart transmission and distribution operators:

  • Manage the distribution network more efficiently and accommodate architecture change and two-way flow
  • Integrate new uses and distributed generators of electricity
  • Disseminate, protect, and safely share data to multiple stakeholders

So how do you guarantee that you address all of these challenges and grow your business in this rapidly shifting space?

Introducing Capgemini’s ADMnext for Electricity Utilities: Powering customer centricity, cybersecurity, modernization, cost reductions, and regulatory compliance

Capgemini’s ADMnext for Electric Utilities helps you deliver on all your top priorities by firstly enabling you to better concentrate on your end clients with business-focused, value-added personalized services, which are enabled by digital, cutting-edge technologies and solutions:

  • Adaptive ADM Services apply our hyper automation capabilities with Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform to help you deliver cost reductions and continuous improvement
  • Modernization Services optimize your IT estate and manage your Cloud and Data infrastructure to ensure IT-OT convergence
  • Business Insightful Services include Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform for Business, which ensures an outcome-based approach that delivers on Business and Smart AM KPIs and process efficiency
  • Emerging Services & Products bring smart grid at scale solutions to help you modernize your smart grid and manage cybersecurity risk.

In applying these services throughout your operations, Capgemini’s ADMnext for Electric Utilities works with you closely to:

  • Implement smart grid solutions at scale
  • Grow your services and improve resilience and continuity of supply
  • Leverage data and enable IT-OT convergence
  • Reduce costs and drive continuous improvement.

To find out more on how you can secure all these benefits for your business, download the full factsheet on the right – and contact us here to learn more about Capgemini’s ADMnext for Electric Utilities.

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