Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Optimize planning across your entire value chain to improve overall business performance.

Planners are finding it difficult to deliver well-informed, robust planning with complete oversight and control as they are facing:

  • Siloed data that inhibits holistic planning – The transfer of data between IT systems can be manual and time consuming, making them prone to error, which creates fragmented planning solutions.
  • Complex scheduling that makes agility difficult – A multitude of factors affect the plan, and require constant adjustments and detailed, continuous monitoring.
  • Inability to gain proper oversight and control – Without the right tools gaining complete visibility and oversight, planning and control can be difficult.
  • Leadership misalignment on measuring performance – Organizations lack understanding of what a good plan is, making it difficult to measure its quality and agree on parameters to prioritize.

Gain the control you need to remain agile and cost-effective

Capgemini’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) enables complete control over all aspects of your planning so you can increase service levels and reduce operational cost​.

APS provides:

  • Control: Our data-driven tools provide complete visibility of your planning activities so you can address challenges as they arise.
  • Agility: We enable more informed planning decisions, so you remain agile with the ability to satisfy customer needs and improve service levels.
  • Efficiency: Better planning helps to minimize overheads and inventory costs, while improving staff utilization and productivity.

“APS enables you to have the right resources, in the right quantity, at the right time, with just the click of a button.”

Pratik Rawal, Go-To-Market Lead & Solution Architect at Capgemini

Ready to take the next step in your intelligent enterprise transformation journey?

Ready to…

  • Transform supply chain planning from a cost center to a revenue generator?
  • Solve the toughest operations planning and optimization challenges?
  • Achieve high service, quality and efficiency levels that are consistent and sustainable?

Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out more:

Willem de Paepe

Vice President – COO Insights & Data Europe at Capgemini

Pratik Rawal

Go-To-Market Lead & Solution Architect at Capgemini

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