Agile & DevOps

We’re all Agile. Until the next waterfall

Silicon Valley cult to mainstream adoption—the evolution of Agile and DevOps is nothing short of a surreal, coming of age story. A miniscule proportion (4%) has stayed off Agile adoption, to quote the World Quality Report 2017-18. But 99% cite difficulties with testing in Agile.

To be fair, Agile teams expect a sense of continuity with their waterfall experience. Enter hybrid frameworks—an uneasy blend of Agile and waterfall, subject to the complexity of business asks. The Agile and DevOps section of the report is an eye-opener. It highlights the successes and shortcomings of the ‘hybrid approach’ in the context of digital transformation. Download your copy to know more:

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The World Quality Report 2017-18 is the only global report analyzing application quality and testing trends across multiple industries in 32 countries.