All Channel Experience

It’s not enough to be present on every possible customer contact point: you also have to deliver a consistent customer experience. Rethink your strategy and stand out from the crowd.

From Retail to Corporate: The Seamless Shopping Experience Challenge

Our Digital Shopper Relevancy report shows that shoppers expect all retail channels to be aligned by 2014. Yet more than half of shoppers say most retailers don’t currently provide a consistent experience across channels. They expect to find information when they want it and how they want it; whether in the store, online or on a smartphone.

To stay ahead, you need to engage customers at every stage of their shopping journey with consistent interactions and offerings. Our All-Channel Experience helps you do just that.
“Technology is altering the way people shop. By providing a seamless experience wherever and whenever your customers engage with you, you can improve customer retention.”

Kees Jacobs

Kees Jacobs
Global Leader for All-Channel Experience



Put Your Customer at the Center

Shoppers no longer feel loyal to an individual channel but rather to an experience across channels. To drive value in this new shopping environment, it’s important to create a business and technology architecture that focuses on your customers.

Our All-Channel Experience solutions cover the initial strategic roadmap through to the underlying technology and business processes. We address three key areas:

  • Digital Strategy and Transformation: Advance your digital capabilities with a strategic roadmap
  • All-Channel Commerce: Integrate commercial activities in all physical and digital channels
  • Consumer Dialogue: Create personal interactions via social media, mobile applications and on location

All-Channel Experience helps consumer products and retail companies provide a consistent, integrated customer experience across all channels by harnessing the power of partner solutions such as OCommerceSalesforce.

When It Comes to Your Customers, Experience Counts

Our Digital Shopper Relevancy framework helps you know your customers better and enables you to meet, and even exceed, their expectations.

We’re already bringing the benefits of the All-Channel Experience approach to a number of clients:

  • Electronics retailer Boulanger to launch an innovative multifunctional mobile application
  • A global luxury brand achieve its vision of becoming an end-to-end digital enterprise
  • A global consumer products manufacturer to design its digital strategy, including a direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel