Robotic Process Automation

RPA can reduce inefficiency in your ERP and back-office systems

Whatever your industry or service, there will always be significant challenges that your ERP system cannot solve demanding a manual workaround or point solution. Each one is small in itself, but when aggregated together they can translate into massive costs, poor productivity and a significantly reduced level of business process accuracy.

Unlock value

Capgemini is increasingly implementing RPA-based delivery solutions to help our clients resolve such challenges in a cost effective manner, without the risk of interfering with the main “Big IT” systems. RPA unlocks the value in your existing ERPs, which is a key contributor to achieving world-class outcomes that drive value into your organizations.

RPA can sit “in front of” the application estate as it currently exists. No need for complex and costly integration, and no danger of unintended technology consequences, such as those that bedevil complex projects to modernize, integrate or fix a client’s application estate.

Focus on results

Today, we continue to invest in and apply advanced tools to augment our Business Services activities and harness the fast-improving technology to continue driving better outcomes for you.

We have used RPA solutions to unlock value for a host of multinational organizations in a wide range of areas that include:

  • Data entry and validation
  • File and data manipulation
  • Automated formatting
  • Multi-format message creation
  • UI manipulation
  • Web scraping
  • Text mining
  • Uploading and exporting
  • Downloading and importing
  • Workflow acceleration
  • Currency/Exchange rate processing
  • Reconciliations

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Special Edition

The rise of automation is bringing a plethora of opportunities to both organizations and individuals and Capgemini is at the forefront of this revolution.