Manage your contracts to capture lost revenue

End-to-end management across the entire contract lifecycle

Ensuring effective contract management

For most companies, contracts form the basis of their entire business. However, they are growing more and more complex, and take huge amounts of time, resources and money to create.

Yet, many organizations struggle to develop an effective contract management vision as well as the resources to prevent revenue leakage and cost overrun – all while protecting their business and extracting maximum value from every agreement throughout their contract landscape.


“There is a lot to gain on both buyer and seller’s side in retaining contracts properly in order to leverage the contractual terms” – Isabelle Roux Chenu, Head of Group Commercial and Contract Management and Senior Advisor to the Group Chairman and CEO

The value of contract compliance and optimization

Your company could benefit from a broader and deeper solution to your compliance, cost reduction and spend protection goals, from an often-overlooked area – the written contract.

Contract Compliance and Optimization (CCO) is a proven, innovative service that manages your contracts throughout the entire contract lifecycle. This enables you to focus on recapturing lost revenue through commercial management and “closes the loop” by implementing preventative pre-signature services.

The value we deliver begins at the fundamental level of contract management, and we expand upon this to provide continuous savings throughout the entire contract lifecycle, reduced risk to your brand and executive reputations and improved decision making and business agility

A powerful team delivering results

Our CCO offering is built on the experience and expertise of a team of contract, commercial and operational experts who work to ensure smooth, profitable performance of contracts through proactive operational and contractual monitoring.

Our CCO team has scored a number of key successes including:

  • Helping a major North American retailer to save nearly $800,000 in four months by catching improper invoices that were not in line with contracts.
  • Reducing a North American beverage company’s external legal spend by 50% by off-shoring a portion of services.
  • Enabling a major retail grocer to achieve 100% invoice validation by doing performance credit check and earn back calculation.

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Contract management – in tech we trust?

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