Capgemini 5G and Ensconce EDGE solutions use Intel FlexRAN and OpenNESS technologies to simplify and manage heterogeneous portfolios of disparate connected devices

A Capgemini Research Institute study revealed that 75% of manufacturing and asset-intensive companies believe 5G is a key enabler to their digital transformation. [Source: Capgemini Research Institute report “5G in Industrial Operations,” survey of 806 manufacturing and asset-intensive companies, March-April 2019]

Today businesses are challenged by plant and portfolio expansion and increasing demand, frequent site refurbishments and upgrades, facility and regulatory constraints, use cases that require increased mobility and bandwidth, lack of interoperability, growing operations and maintenance costs, and exponential data volumes requiring more and more data center equipment and cloud computing resources.

With Capgemini’s 5G and Ensconce Edge solutions and frameworks integrated with Intel FlexRAN and OpenNESS/OpenVINO technologies, businesses are able to control vast landscapes of disparate devices and globally standardize across ecosystems, support and scale heterogeneous use cases, improve agility and resiliency in building customized services for business-critical and mission critical applications, and exploit intrinsic technology benefits impacting latency, security, signal robustness, and mobility.

A small sampling of our available use cases include solutions like asset tracking and analytics, controlling drones and local or remote inspection devices/vehicles, robotic automation, digital twins, augmented reality applications, video surveillance, and remote construction and exploration across a wide variety of industries like energy & utilities, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and smart cities.

The solutions are backed by not only a global team of over 10,000 Capgemini telco experts dedicated to 5G & EDGE, plus an additional 2,000 experts devoted to connected products and operations, but also by industry-focus labs that enable experimentation and deployment of 5G and Edge technologies. Located in Paris and Mumbai, the newest 5G Labs are designed to help organizations pivot their businesses to take advantage of the 5G and Edge revolution. They complement the 5G Lab for telecommunications companies, enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), located in Portugal and focused on the development of network capabilities and solutions.

Are you interested in continuing your journey to become a more intelligent enterprise and create new revenue streams, implement cost reductions, or improve productivity and operational efficiency?

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