Capgemini food waste management solution

The smart use of information technologies along food supply chains creates opportunities to spur the adoption of common standards, supply-chain transparency, and realtime information-sharing practices. If real-time is the new standard for business insights, now is also the time to cut food loss and waste.

Food waste reduction is part of a larger effort to improve sustainability for our global food systems. Each of us has something to win, either through economic profit or environmental and social benefits. Several initiatives to prevent food loss and waste have proven financially sound and, even though food waste by retailers represents an overall small percentage, these programs can generate significant benefits, to both the food system and consumers.  In addition, less food lost and wasted will help alleviate the burden on the environment caused by agriculture, transport, and the disposal of food that is never eaten. That means reducing food waste is not only about profit, logistics, or the environment. It is also fundamentally a moral choice.

Capgemini and its partners Wasteless, Toshiba, Intel, TEC, and Hanshow have developed an integrated end-to-end solution to optimally mark down food prices. This has proven to be an effective and profitable solution to minimize food waste.

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Find out about this amazing opportunity, how to increase revenues up to 25% and more, as well as reduce waste as much as 85%. Turn from waste to profit in as little as three months.

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Capgemini food waste management solution

Food waste reduction is part of a larger effort to improve sustainability for our global food systems

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