Capgemini’s Retail Sustainability Solution “Circle”

Aligned with global industry commitments to accelerate transition toward sustainable fashion, Capgemini introduces the automated “Circle” solution using Intel Corporation and HP Inc. technologies and Eon’s digital identity platform. One of the industry’s first implementations of the CircularID™ Standard, Circle bolsters the secondhand apparel market by first identifying an article’s brand, condition and value. The AI/Computer Vision assisted turnkey solution increases the volume of used clothing collected and resold, helps cut waste, captures value, improves brand image, attracts and retains customers, and improves loyalty.

Sustainability for retail using Capgemini’s AI Circle solution

View the video to learn how Capgemini’s Circle solution is making a difference in the Netherlands

Circle creates a win-win for

  • The selling customer who resells their clothing,
  • The purchasing customer who receives a desired CircularID-certified item at a fair price,
  • The retailer who establishes a sustainable service, and
  • The world, which benefits from less waste and better use of its resources

With benefits to all, every retailer should be working to implement the Circle solution.

Learn more via this webinar on sustainability trends and realities including a real world deployment of our Circle solution

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AI in Retail

Capgemini’s Retail Sustainability Solution “Circle”

Save time by not having to conduct a yard sale or take time posting and tracking online, because the retailer takes care of everything – including accurate valuation, promotion, making the sales transaction, and putting money back in the selling customer’s pocket.