Capgemini’s Smart QA for Financial Services

The market need for speed

In today’s digital age, financial institutions must react quickly to market changes and competition by launching new products and services across channels. Traditional testing practices for digital and mobile applications can extend development time and make it impossible for financial firms to quickly meet market demands.

IT departments often use significant resources to set up and manage test environments and run testing activities. For large global firms, this often means cost of quality is high, labor intensive, slow and inefficient, especially when discrete test environment assets don’t talk to each other.

Make your testing efforts more intelligent

Capgemini’s Smart QA is an end-to-end ecosystem that explores, evolves and make decisions based on cognitive and analytics capability from your own testing system. Our Smart QA ecosystem has three components:

Smart assets

Unlike regular test assets, smart assets can self-monitor, self-correct and evolve based on associated environmental factors. Each smart asset has open APIs which allows it to connect to other components of the ecosystem. A smart asset can be a smart test case, smart test environment, smart test data or smart test strategy.

Smart integrations

Through open APIs and nested intelligence, all smart assets can speak to each other within the right context. The context sets the rules of engagement between these assets. For example, a smart test case can define the required environment and the data set required for execution. Similarly, the context could define the type or quantity of testing.

Analytics and cognitive engine with NLP capabilities

The analytics engine is the heart of our Smart QA ecosystem. Through analytics, the ecosystem knows how much testing is required and which assets should be used. Analytics provide the context and intelligence for testing efforts and use insights gained from past testing performance. With these insights, data and cognitive capabilities, IT can prioritize what needs to be tested, optimize testing efforts, and identify areas of improvement. The cognitive capabilities are enabled by natural language processing and connected intelligence to manage themselves with minimal human interventions.

Capgemini’s Smart QA as a Service

Capgemini’s Smart QA is an intelligent test delivery platform based on micro-services architecture. Each individual component can be subscribed as a service or we offer the integrated solution as a service model. The key components are:

  • Intelligent Test Automation Platform: Serves as an automation hub to Integrate various automation tools and approaches, forming a DevOps pipeline using orchestrators like Bamboo or Jenkins
  • Smart Foundry: Integrated environment and test data provisioning factory using Dockers and data management solutions. This factory provides environments based on the visual and configurable configuration management database
  • Big Insights: This component connects analytics to understand the relationship between various components e.g., defect trends and code changes, environment availability and productivity, or defect arrival rate versus code quality.
  • Command Center : Near real-time online reporting tool
  • Gamification: A layer to improve user and testing community engagement, this encourages the integration layer with client tool set and environments

A recognized leader in testing services and innovation

Capgemini is a global thought leader in quality assurance and testing and serves as a trusted partner and testing innovator for leading banks, financial firms and insurers. Capgemini clients have achieved significant savings in costs and time to market using our proprietary testing methodologies and assets including:

  • Reduced total cost of testing up to 30%
  • Lowered post production defects by 25%, test execution time by 15%, and testing preparation time by 20% with 0% defect leakage to production
  • Decreased time to market by at least 15%

Our global testing practice includes test specialists dedicated to banking, financial services and insurance domains. We focus on people, process and technology to streamline testing efforts without sacrificing quality or coverage.

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