Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

A cloud-agnostic platform enabling continuous and rapid delivery of new business services and APIs.

Business velocity demands effective enterprise IT integration

Responding to shifting consumer preferences requires an agile and responsive IT landscape. But the time it takes to integrate new cloud-based systems with an existing IT landscape can slow your speed to market. To remain relevant to the business, enterprise IT needs to be able to rapidly switch between cloud and software as a service (SaaS) vendors, scale to match demands, manage process outcomes when SaaS services are unavailable, and have the flexibility to do everything on a private cloud.

Foster innovation and comply with regulations

Integrating new cloud-based applications (SaaS, cloud-native) and existing on-premises applications enables the modern enterprise to deliver continuous innovation and respond to market fluctuations. Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS makes it easier than ever for clients to achieve this.

It’s a cloud-agnostic API and hybrid integration platform as a service that supports:

  • Rapid data and application integration
  • Fast delivery of new business services (composite applications) and APIs
  • Compliance with emerging regulations by securely exposing data through APIs
  • Unlock data hidden within business silos
  • Avoid vendor lock-in.

Assured business outcomes

Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS is simple to buy, use and run, providing:

  • Flexible pricing with monthly subscription allowing daily charging – switch subscription package as needed
  • Open-source products, keeping you ahead of the innovation curve
  • Dedicated instance for data isolation
  • Three add-on service options to fast-track outcomes: Accelerate, Connect and Expert.

We helped an automotive manufacturer make significant savings in launch delays and warranty claims by exposing information in different business silos using an API and hybrid integration platform.

Deliver new business services – fast

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Webinar: Unlocking the hybrid integration dividend

How APIs and hybrid integration enable companies to outperform their peers.


Unlocking the hybrid integration dividend

Capgemini’s latest research reveals that a select group of companies who are ahead on their API and hybrid integration adoption journey has achieved superior business performance. The below infographic shows the key findings and recommended transformation roadmap.


Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

Integrating cloud-based and on-prem applications. Rapidly expose your business services using APIs