Workloads Assessment

Transform your applications portfolio with a cloud-first approach to significantly reduce cost and enhance IT agility.

Which Apps Should You Move to the Cloud?

With your cloud strategy and objectives defined, your next steps are to perform a risk benefit analysis of moving your applications to the cloud, define the business case, and identify the right migration pattern and cloud architecture.

Some applications can be simply re-hosted in the right cloud platform. Others may need software change, from re-factoring to re-writing. Some others might be replaced with SaaS, or new cloud-native applications. The challenge for enterprises making this transition is where to start. Which is the right migration pattern and cloud destination for you?

Take a Workload-centric Approach

We provide a structured, methodical and cloud-agnostic assessment of your applications, while ensuring fast time-to-value through early visibility of quick wins and ROI. The data we gather supports informed decision-making on:

  • Cloud suitability: Selecting applications for migration, depending on their complexity, business value and sensitivity
  • Cloud options: Selecting a cloud destination (IaaS – public or private, PaaS, SaaS), using tools to assess how each application will perform in a cloud environment and determine the right migration pattern
  • Business case: Demonstrating the business value of the rationalization design
  • Proof of concept planning: Defining migration patterns and an initial migration roadmap

Delivering Your Cloud-first Applications Portfolio

Our clients depend on our collaborative approach to help them adopt a cloud-first strategy that is tailored to their cloud ambitions, IT landscape and application characteristics. Automated data gathering, proprietary ranking, and scoring enable us to provide rapid, comprehensive applications analysis.

We collaborated with a global conglomerate to migrate over 400 applications to the cloud, achieving 50% reduction in on-premise infrastructure over two years. We increased IT responsiveness by reducing provisioning time from three months to minutes by building standardized patterns.

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