Data Center Transformation with Microsoft Azure

Cloud migration is a start. Data center transformation is a whole new beginning.

Reap the full rewards of the cloud with comprehensive data center transformation solution.

You’ve embarked on your cloud journey to conquer the diversity of applications, systems, and technologies that enable your business. But how do you realize data center transformation without disrupting business-critical processes – and risking unplanned outages, security breaches, and compliance issues?

That’s why you need data center transformation services from Capgemini. We guide you on your journey to confidently migrate to the cloud – minimizing business disruption while maximizing business advantages.

More than cloud migration

Simply moving your applications to the cloud doesn’t necessarily harness all the cloud offers. Capgemini can help you define and achieve the future state of your data center – and your business.

Capgemini boasts a proven track record of successfully guiding market-leading enterprises throughout the process. We apply our experience, tools, methodologies, and partner ecosystem in managing the complexity of planning, executing, and optimizing your transformation.

We can handle all phases of delivery, from strategy and planning to implementation and execution. That includes developing a business case, managing procurement, building out the data center, and measuring business results. Our experts collaborate with you – applying our state-of-the-art tools and accelerators – to help you rapidly and effectively achieve your goals.

A proven data center transformation strategy

 Capgemini applies time-tested methodologies, built on lessons learned and successful outcomes, to empower you to:

  • Discover: Identify business requirements, application dependencies, and performance goals.
  • Assess: Analyze the application environment to identify the best environment: on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid.
  • Prepare: Group and map applications for cloud migration.
  • Migrate: Establish an effective migration path and drive migration end-to-end through an automated release pipeline.

Our strategy is comprehensive, platform-agnostic, and designed for rapid return on investment. Our approach is integrated, nondisruptive, and tailored to your unique needs. You benefit from:

  • Both the “what” and the “how” – Capgemini is your single source for an end-to-end transformation solution. We provide expert advice and assistance to achieve your transformation goals. And we can manage and execute your transformation strategy.
  • Expert, collaborative teams – We channel the expertise of thousands of global professionals and leading technology partners, equipping you with the right tools at the right time. Our proven approach helps you plan effectively, while overcoming resistance to change.
  • A state-of-the-art innovation platform – Our Applied Innovation Exchange is a global platform that enables you to discover, experiment with, contextualize, and apply the most relevant innovations for your industry and your unique needs.

Enterprise Portfolio Modernization Modernize and Migrate Legacy Applications solution Develop Cloud Native Applications solution Migrate SAP Applications to Microsoft Azure solution

Transformation for your Data Center. Positive outcomes for your business.

Move beyond simple migration

  • Create a clear business case.
  • Execute on a detailed transformation road map.
  • Build out a modern data center.
  • Measure business results.

Benefit from our proven transformation process

  • Discover, assess, prepare, and migrate.
  • Leverage lessons learned from industry leaders.
  • Discover how a collaborative team and innovation platform can drive true transformation.

Realize the true promise of the cloud

  • Minimize cost, risk, and disruption.
  • Benefit from scalability, flexibility, and API advantages.
  • Achieve new capabilities and deliver new services and experiences that propel you ahead of the competition.

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