Engineering Analytics

Insights & Foresights on Operational Data

Harness your operational technologies to enhance market responsiveness, optimize supply-chain, service channels, and achieve unprecedented improvements in Asset, Operations, Labor and Energy productivity.

4D Framework for Engineering Analytics

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of product design, manufacturing, supply-chain and sustenance engineering to optimize globally dispersed operations. Our 4D “Data Value Chain” framework is customized for your industry and facilitates involved data interactions to solve right problems, qualify opportunities and deliver business-impacting solutions.

Our Key Offerings

  • Engineering Information Management 
    Engage with us in building your operational data lake that is capable of reconciling and integrating data from range of operational technology platforms for right-time interpretation to become a truly predictable enterprise.
  • Big Data & Analytics 
    Accelerate your data transformation journey with our vendor-agnostic Big data technologies powered by bespoke machine learning library with industry specific plug-ins.
  • Modelling and Simulation
    Let your operational staff collaborate with our multi-functional experts for development of data driven and hybrid models of your key assets and engineering workflows to generate dynamic process simulations.
  • Visualization 
    Customize our rich, real-time and low-latency visualization toolkits for analytics advisories, dashboards and metrics for high-impact story-telling experience.