Open Cascade

Open Cascade is a part of Capgemini’s Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services. We are laser-focused on digital transformation of industries through use of 3D technologies. Whether you are maintaining industrial facility, managing manufacturing or any technological processes, designing a new product or marketing it, having 3D at hand is crucial today.

Enhance your digital continuity with Open CASCADE technology, one of the most used 3D kernels around the globe and our people will always be by your side to build your specific 3D future.

Key Differentiators

  • Decades of bringing breakthrough 3D technologies to the market
  • Unique expertise in digital engineering and manufacturing
  • Proprietary product line of 3D software solutions
  • World-famous professional open-source 3D software development platform
  • Custom 3D software of any complexity and scale

Value Proposition

Open Cascade enables Digital Transformation of industries to deliver added value through the use of
our 3D technologies

  • Plant operations – Optimize your asset management and manufacturing
  • Technological process – Advance your engineering processes
  • Digital product – Improve your product or service
  • Marketing and sales – Engage your customer

Our Proprietary Product Line

CAD Processor

CAD Processor is a powerful software product allowing preparation and simplification of 3D reference data for dedicated downstream applications. A link between the 3D source-files and downstream applications.

Andy 3D Asset Revamping

Andy 3D Asset Revamping is one of a kind software application providing quick access to realistic, interactive and easy-to-use 3D hybrid data in a web browser from any device for all project collaborators. A web solution that democratizes access to hybrid 3D data.

DMU Reviewer

DMU Reviewer is a high-performance software tool that allows exploring and collaborating on a large-scale digital mockup. Keeps 3D visualization at hand while designing a new product, managing manufacturing processes, maintaining industrial facility or doing quality control.

Our Services

Our software development services are based on Open Cascade Commercial Platform (set of data preparation components and storage) as well as on a niche industrial expertise/technology stack defined by the customer.

  • Custom software development
  • Software integration
  • Software customization/ parameterization/ maintenance
  • Consulting and training


  • Powerful tailor-made 3D solution with expected functionality
  • Ability to handle projects of any scale and complexity
  • Royalty-free ownership and vendor-independency of solutions or its parts
  • Time-proven quality of services and tools
  • Open Cascade speaks customer’s language
  • Faster time to market

Open Cascade Commercial Platform

It is an integrated state-of-the-art 3D technology, which is used both in end-user products and for building efficient value added solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Key features

  • End-user application porting over to different platforms (mobile, web, desktop)
  • Data storage
  • Meta-data connection
  • 3D data conversion
  • 3D data high-end visualization
  • 3D data processing