Energy & Utilities

We work with the Energy and Utility industry across all major sub-sectors to for efficient energy management, asset utilization, engineering analytics and control systems to achieve improved productivity and higher quality of field and customer services. Know more about our solutions for our focus sectors.

Energy & Utilities companies have their own specialized requirements for monitoring power generation fleet, power usage, substation status, handling load shedding & service restoration. De-regulation of electric utilities has stepped up the demand for efficiency at every level of operation, from planning for fluctuation in demand or outages in generating capacity to changes in load across vast distribution networks spanning thousands of miles.

  • Development of advanced Smart Energy Meter: Development the advanced smart energy meter for IEC (Europe, Australia) and ANSI (US) meter market
  • Energy Productivity for Mobile & Fixed Assets: Physics based rule-engines combined with advanced mathematical models for efficient Asset management results in enhanced Energy Productivity, and improve asset Health and Safety parameters.
  • Energy Management System (EMS) Enhancement: Seamlessly integrating the existing EMS with our solution leads to continuous improvement in Energy Forecasting, Energy Productivity Advisory and Enterprise level Energy and associated carbon footprint dashboard.

Focus Sectors

  • Power Generation
    • Renewable Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
  • Power Utilities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining and Natural Resources

Our experience in Energy & Utilities domain includes:

  • Smart utilities – Built on our experience with early smart grid adopters – Smart Energy Meter, AMI, AMR, EV, HAN and other smart products
  • Advanced Metering System: Hardware Engineering and Testing, Metering Products Evaluation, Complete Meter Pilot and Rollout Program Execution
  • Communication: Network Solutions, Security Solutions and Auditing, Communication Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Energy Management – Addressing challenges associated with managing energy programs and analytics products.
  • Transmission & Distribution (T&D)
  • Oil & Gas – Products across upstream, midstream & downstream
  • GIS
  • Digital Oilfield Analytics


Smart Energy Management

Turning data into meaningful insights to develop synergies between energy professionals and business consumers and boost energy performance.