Global leaders in the development of on-board train control systems for locomotives and freight vehicles are seeking different ways to develop and implement innovative systems for the rail industry to maximize railroad safety, enhance passenger comfort and boost operational benefit to the operators.

End-to-end services for Railways

Capgemini has a strong team of mechanical and embedded hardware/software engineers providing development of Onboard equipment like Head of Train/End of Train devices, braking systems, control systems, event data & video recorder systems;

We have vast experience in passenger and freight type of railway systems that includes expertise in product development for Train Management Systems.

Our Focus Areas include

  • Train Control
  • Train Monitoring
  • Wayside and Signaling
  • Simulators

Our experience:

  • Hardware and firmware development for sub systems such as
    • head or end of train devices,
    • braking systems
    • control systems
    • event data and video recorder systems
    • car or carriage devices
    • cab signal monitoring
  • Rail services such as
    • Train Management systems
    • Billing application development
    • Ticketing system
    • Train control and dispatch applications