Product and System Testing

As user experience becomes central to all product adoption, a defect-free product at first launch is key to the product’s success.

The convergence of physical with the digital has added further complexity to product testing. In a competitive landscape, product companies are striving to strike a balance between cost-to-quality and time-to-market. New value-chains around the product and regulatory requirements also add to the dimensions that need to be verified for user experience.

EvoQE Capgemini’s solution for next generation Quality Engineering incorporates digital technologies like collaborative robotics, data analytics, machine learning, immersive technologies, intelligent automation assistants, and more.

Capgemini’s Product and System Testing services help companies transform their testing strategy from mere product quality to overall Product Integrity. With more than three decades of experience, Capgemini has verified 10000+ product variants and lead the industry with thought leadership in product and system verification and validation.

Reimagining Product and System Testing with Capgemini’s 360° view

Product and System Testing spectrum 

Our Product and System Testing strategy is driven by the objective of first-time-right delivery with a continuous focus on all aspects of product integrity. Automation at all levels – mechanical, electrical, hardware, firmware, software and external interfaces is a key enabler to achieve the comprehensive coverage.

We engage early in the product development lifecycle, from the requirements definition phase ensuring the design intent is retained during formal test execution. We work with the client’s product team right through the process for regulatory approvals and certifications.

The Capgemini Advantage 

  • Mature Product and System V&V methodologies, robust metrics program, context specific best practices
  • ISO 13485, ASPICE level 3 certified, EN9100 certified, DO178 compliant
  • Complex test labs and calibration services
  • Specialized V&V services for regulated and safety-critical industries
  • Industry and domain expertise
  • Ready assets: Tools, Platforms and Accelerators
  • Global presence and Rightshore® delivery model
  • Outcome-based Product V&V

Our Offerings as Product and System Testing Partner

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Our Value Proposition

  • Gain 360° view of product quality, increase brand credibility and customer loyalty
  • Reduce cycle time by up-to 60% and achieve faster time to market
  • Reduce test execution efforts by up-to 30%
  • Achieve accelerated and optimized quality beyond traditional best practices
  • Focus on continuous improvements by establishing Centers of Excellence
  • Achieve rapid regulatory compliance across geographies

Solutions and Frameworks

Hybrid Test Automation Platform (HTAP)

Capgemini’s HTAP provides a unified test infrastructure for different test automation needs of conventional as well as next generation Verification and Validation.

  • Unified test infrastructure for the HMI, API, and interfaces such as vision, voice, robotics, gesture and other
  • Tests multiple form factors, including web, mobile, desktop, native apps
  • Supports testing of API, CLI for device drivers, communication protocols, SDKs for desktop/ embedded/ enterprise systems
  • In-built algorithms for video processing
  • Validates end-to-end ‘Connected Products’ scenarios
  • Ready accelerators for product functionalities

TRY – Teach Robotics Yourself!  

TRY is a Robotics-as-a-Service software platform. It allows automating physical interaction with the product and test environment when connected with collaborative robots. Packaged in a small and connected box, TRY triggers enhanced end-to-end test automation possibilities.

  • Plug and Play within existing testing tool suite
  • Fast learning curve
  • Embedded AI perceptions
  • Compatible with all leading robots
  • Interface with standard test ecosystem solutions (Jenkins, JIRA, ALM, etc.)
  • Interface with product or test bench for HIL automation and script-less testing
  • Remote access for operation and monitoring