Robotics as a Service : let’s TRY !

Robots are fully part of the Industry 4.0: they are able to manufacture, assemble, pick and place. This is how we usually think about robots.

But did you know that collaborative robots can raise industrial performance, accelerate test and control procedures, secure work environment and reduce non-added value tasks of human operators? Did you know that robots can bring services?

Products and plants are smart today and going to be smarter tomorrow.

The industrial world is changing as fast as digital technologies are evolving. Based on its deep knowledge of clients’ needs from Engineering to manufacturing and its expertise in robotics, Capgemini is able to provide “Robotics as a Service” for new domains of industry processes. Robots are not only assembling, but they can also collaborate, react, move, touch, repeat. Collaborative robots are smart, on top of being lightweight, robust and costs effective.

Teach Robot Yourself platform is the global platform to easily set up, integrate and monitor “cobots” in plants, in design offices or on test benches.

Customer’s Benefits

• Support to easily program and monitor
• Increase robots flexibility and dexterity
• Help to reach a state where the robot is working reliably and bringing value
• Optimize the use of your system
• Free your operators for added value tasks
• Reinforce Digital transformation approach